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Check this out - absolutely hilarious and a good way to get your students to talk about events at the games

Calendar of events

Link to sparc to download a screensaver which updates you regularly of the NZ teams events and performances
Have a laugh at this...

Great video links and fantastic photos on this page - A must see!!!!!!
Link to article/resource
Body Image
George Bush "checking out the US beach volleyball team
Loads to explore around body image and its portrayal in Physical activity - 1.4
Does not have picture but it was on Sunday10th August in the sport section -here is the article
link to picture
Drugs in sport
Great article "Cheating is everywhere but we don't want to know" - Rattue ion Wednesday
You name it you can make it fit!
Science & Technology
Issues in sport
Self Management
Social Responsibility
Fair play - the list goes on
"Cheating is everywhere but we don't want to know"

First drugs bust of the games
Is it really Fair?
US mens (and other relay teams) put in second and third grade teams to qualify for finals - and then they get ousted for the top guns

Michael Phelps and his quest for gold
Other points of view task - great debate and discussion over fairness
what happens if he does not get it - will he be seen as less of a champion?
Interesting article
just in case you dont know what he looks like (haha)OB-CA391_0811ph_20080811000328.jpg
Politics in the games
Chinese girl lip syncing - real singer not pretty enough!
2.6/3.5 - The extent to which China is willing to go to so that they ensure they are seen in the eyes of the world in a positive way
lypsyncing article
Worst Olympians
List of worst Olympian countries and possible reasons why they are not so successful
My question is are you for real - what next! We have hot lists of athletes and now this
Great discussion points for students to talk around rating systems and media spin on things
here is the list