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3 key Questions: THINK, PAIR, SHARE

1.What is assessment?
2. Are the achievement standards a course of work?
3.What type of assessment is an achievement standard?

Session One Assessment

NZC pages 39-41

Session Two Unit Planning

Considerations for unit planning

Planning for units of work

Internal moderation sheet

Exemplar Programmes of work year 11-13

Year 11 programme

Session Three NCEA Breakdown


NCEA a beginners guide to senior courses in PE

NZQA homepage

Breakdown of NZQA pe page

Session Four Breakdown the achievement standards

Achievement Standards
link to Achievement standards
Keywords activity

Session Five Writing assessment standards

1.1 questions asked

unpack the standard sheet

Work from others - shared resources

Marking and Feedback

exemplar student work

marking exercise

Reading - marking and feedback

Shared stuff

feel free to add resources here that you have used in your schools