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Cluster meetings

Shared Ideas from 2008/2009
Any resources
Hauora Resources from Tash
overview of activities


Cross country mix and match from the Mt Roskill team
Using a partnership matching task to get the students interested, competitive and engaged in running. Each student gets one half of a pair and they are sent off in two different directions to try and find their pair.

Cameron's Fitness stuff
tools to help

Tools to use in your teaching

These documents have been used with the permission of Louise Addison Team Solutions

Thinking Tools

Explanation of use
Y Chart
Students can gather data through the senses Look like, sound like, feel like.

Other Points of view
Students get the opportunity to investigate other [opinions - really good for looking at self, others & society

Great to use to investigate what your students know, want to know and review what they have learned

Plus, Minus and interesting - allows students to analyse a topic

Beginner Teacher workshop 2010

Workbook from the meeting
Registered teacher criteria