Scholarship Workshops 2011

Auckland PENZ in association with Team Solutions are presenting the Physical Education Scholarship series of workshops in 2011.


Diocesan School for Girls, C134 (Centennial Building)
Margot Street, Epsom

Each workshop is $5 per student, per session
To Register

Email the following details to
  • Names and number of students attending.
  • A brief overview of your level 3 programme so we can see what you have done.
  • Any scholarship preparation to date.
  • If you are plannign to ask for the school to be billed (subject to Auckland PENZ permission). For example, you need to have no outstanding payments to Auckland PENZ.
Workshop dates
Tuesday 10 May

An introduction to Scholarship, critical evaluation, critical writing skills and examination technique.
Wednesday 25 May

Trends and issues impacting on New Zealand society (for example 'dropping out of sport')
Thursday 16 June

Comprehensive planning for physical activity programmes/experiences
Tuesday 9 August

Programmes for performance improvement
Wednesday 17 August

Physical activity, health promotion and taking action and New Zealand society
Thursday 1 September

Mock examination question 4.15-5.15pm. Teacher marking and discussion 5.15-6.15pm

Workshop one: Critical thinking and scholarship overview

Powerpoint of workshop

PMI Activity to go withslide 22
Source an article on adolsecents dropping out of sport

Related to critical evaluation writing

A successful Scholarship student from 2010 shares her success tips

Workshop two: Issues and trends- Dropping out of Sport

Powerpoint of workshop
Articles used are referenced at the end of the powerpoint

Keep Youth in the Game ppt for PCs

Keep Youth in the Game ppt for Macs

10 Recommendations for keeping youth involved in sport

Workshop ThreePlanning Outdoor Education Experiences

Teacher Workshop Planning Notes

Workshop Powerpoint Outdoor Education

Reading Influences

Resources for Outdoor Education Planning

Levels of Risk

Printing Sheets

Examples of Student Work from the Workshop

Workshop Three

Planning Personal Exercise Progammes

Workshop Overview for

Workshop Introduction Powerpoint

Planning Powerpoint

Exam Question

Thinking Hats Activity

Information Resource Pack

Workshop Four

Programmes for Performance Improvement

Please note that the resources for Workshops 4-6 will be available on the PENZ website from 10 November . We are having difficulty loading them onto this wiki. Good luck to all your Scholarship students.: Auckland Branch of PENZ