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Latest Information

World Cup Football

Websites for activities etc that you may find useful in your teaching.

Teaching and learning Guidelines

Information about the Teaching and learning guidelines


A list of articles, videos and images that may be great to add to your lessons. Fantastic for discussion points and lesson starters.

Professional Development Overview

A list of all workshops and courses available this year for secondary Health and Physcical Education. Resources for workshops also available from this page

Beginner Teachers Page

Information for beginning teachers of health and physical education. Also contains resources shared from cluster meetings in Auckland and Northland.

Scholarship Physical Education Page

Here is a link to resources for students scholarship workshops in Auckland - run in collaboration with Auckland PENZ, as well as general scholarship information.

NCEA information and resources

Information regarding moderation. I will keep adding and updating so that all information stays on here.


Thought it would be good to load any good readings that I find and get given up here for everyone to access

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Archives of information

Past information
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  • Janna from Whangarei Girls High School found this site which she finds helpful http://www.braingle.com/ - has great quizzes etc on it
old videos

  • DRAFT achievement standards

NCEA Information from NZQA